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Did You Know…?

  • Most people enter into separation agreements after they separate and, consequently, can avoid going to court after a separation
  • If you have a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement, it becomes your separation agreement when you separate.
  • A separation agreement is a contract that is legally binding where the division of property and debts is concerned. “The Marital Property Act of New Brunswick” gives authority for separation agreements
  • Obtain advice from a lawyer as to your rights and obligations after a separation. Then discuss issues with your spouse and you may be able to reach an agreement that you can take to your lawyer who will draft the separation agreement
  • “The Federal Child Support Guidelines” has a written text outlining the rules surrounding the payment and receipt of child support. Generally, parents who are separated must disclose their income tax form and Notice of Assessment to each other once a year. The guidelines' numerical tables tell you how much child support is payable
  • Review your will after a separation and after any major life event. It may be necessary to make changes

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